Loraine Furter is a graphic designer and researcher based in Brussels since 2007, specialized in editorial design, hybrid publishing and intersectional xfeminism. She designs and edits paper publications as well as web and digital ones, and is particularly interested in the interaction between these media. Read me →



selected works

Agrafes & bouts de ficelles ∿ Ôde aux messy reliures

Agrafes & bouts de ficelles ∿ Ôde aux messy reliures / Staples and string ends ∿ messy bindings presents research into the soft, limp, messy bindings of Belgian feminist publications contained in local archives. An inventory of forms that are relatively accessible from the point of view of their production, and of inventive finds that transform bits of string into sublime bindings. A collaboration with Lara Dautun (design) and Lissa Choukrane (writing and editorial concept), (self-)published in October 2022.

Speaking Volumes ∿ Speaking In Tongues

Speaking Volumes ∿ Speaking In Tongues installation presented at Sint Lucas Antwerpen during the SLARG Research Week 2022. A collaboration with Lara Dautun and Juliana Vargas Zapata.


Web design and identity for 5days4ideas in collaboration with Clara Sambot and Lucile Martin.

Consortium Commissions 2020/2022 posters edition

Artistic direction and production coordination for the 2020/2022 Consortium Commissions posters edition by Mophradat, for artists Deena Abdelwahed, Dina Mimi, Haig Aivazian, Inas Halabi, Joe Namy, Lydia Ourahmane, and Makkimakuk, in collaboration with Joud Toamah (graphic design) and Sukrii Kural (print design).


A series of projects on multiscript typography, in discussion and collaboration with Émilie Aurat, Naïma Ben Ayed, Garine Gokceyan & Lisa Huang (workshop at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, publication in FORUM+) and a special focus on Armenian type design. Ongoing since 2021.

Intersections of Care

Intersections of Care is a research project in collaboration with Florence Cheval and other artefacts, humans and non-humans, to share questions and tools for organising, sharing and caring in the field of arts.

Fondation Guignard

Identity in progress for Fondation Guignard in collaboration with Clara Sambot and Laurie Charles, interrogating outside and inside art and design. Second image by 19th Century medium Hélène Smith 1861-1929.

Research in progress

Hybrid publication-website for my research in progress…

Contribution to

“Armenian Letters, an intersectional introduction to Armenian type design for its diasporas and beyond” — contribution to Futuress, a feminist library of design books that are yet to be written! — to be continued…

Mothers & Daughters — a lesbian bar

Webdesign based on the beautiful identity by Sara

Speaking Volumes Fikra Biennial

Speaking Volumes installation at the non-binary department of Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, with artworks by Laurie Charles and a designed translation by Naz Naddaf, 9-30 November 2018. A feminist proposition about underrepresented publishing practices in history, with a focus on the relation with space --- the spaces that the book offers, the spacial conditions necessary to make books, the alternative spaces. Invited by Corinne Gisel and Nina Paim (common-interest)


Various illustrations, 2017-2018.

Bye-bye binary — gender fluid typographic research

Part of the research group Bye-bye binary working on gender fluid typography. — première version du texte Crystal Clear, later translated and published by Depatriarchise Design. Experiment poster generator in progress.

Copy This Book

Book design and editing for Eric Schrijver’s book, October 2018.


Read/edit/talk/history installation with Just for the record at the Abattoirs de Bomel Arts Center, Namur, June 2018.

Classement Diagonal

Book design for/with artist Bruno Goosse’s book Classement Diagonal, September 2018.

The Act of Building

Design of the publication The Act of Building, by BC architects, edited by Pauline Lefebvre, May 2018.

Brussels Almanach Lesbian (♥) publication

Design of the publication Brussels Almanach Lesbian (♥), with Roxanne Maillet + design & programming of the website, May-June 2018.

Speaking Volumes cneai

Speaking Volumes, installation and event, with readings by Vanina Géré and Clara Pacotte, Josèfa N'tjam and Esmé Planchon, cneai, Paris, March-April 2018.

Feminist flag

Flag for the Fig. graphic design festival in Liège, February 2018. “Fig Fierce Feminist·e Flag” fait partie d’une tactique d’infiltration féministe joyeuse visant à profiter de chaque opportunité d’expression publique (conférences, expositions, workshops, publications…) pour exprimer des questions politiques liées au genre.

Speaking Volumes — research

Research project Speaking Volumes on art, activism and feminist publishing, since Summer 2017-ongoing.

Deconstruction — web to print

Graphic design for the conference Deconstruction, an international symposium on off-site seuse in architecture at TU Delft, in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut. Website, booklet and poster, designed with web open source tools (HTML, CSS, JS), at the core of which is the idea of re-use, modification and re-distribution, March 2017.

Design research

Design and curating of the platform

Public Domain design workshop

Public Domain design workshop with Ellen Lupton’s students at MICA Baltimore. In collaboration with Eric Schrijver. (website)


Graphic design & programming for the Hybrid Publishing Group’s website and various hybrid publications, 2015-2016.

Congrès Halte Congres

Newspaper design and exhibition, project HALTE, as part of the Curating The Station residencies in Recyclart Brussels, December 2015. Coproduced by Recyclart and the ULB architecture research lab hortence, in collaboration with Elsa Maury, Anne-Laure Iger and orthodoxe.

Collaborative Open Source type design

Collaborative Open Source type design workshop with Ellen Lupton’s students at MICA Baltimore. In collaboration with Eric Schrijver, April 2015. (website) PDF


Exhibition of the project Wanderbibliothek at Rosa Brux, Brussels, with Clovis Duran, December 2014. Retrospective show of the books awarded by the Fernand Baudin Prize + exhibition of historical and new versions of wooden crates bookshelves that the Bibliothèque Pour Tous (Library for All) used at the begining of last Century to spread its books through the whole of Switzerland, by cart and on donkeys’ back.

Let’s Think Out Loud

Workshop Let’s Think Out Loud and editorial coordination, with graphic designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, International Graphic and Poster Festival in Chaumont, France, April 2014.

various websites

Various websites since 2012, for Badass Libre Fonts by Womxn, engagement with Sarah Magnan, mma, Halte, Préambulle, Prix Fernand Baudin 2014, …




works/words published in

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